We are a cybersecurity consultancy with a big difference. We are seasoned ‘white hat’ hackers with extensive experience and expertise of working inside large security consultancies.


Focused on your security

We have a combined experience of over 20 years in the cyber-security industry, the majority of which was spent as part of the world’s largest Pentesting team.

We've spent those years learning and refining the skills of our trade and have applied them helping secure some of the UK’s largest financial and industrial institutions. Now we use our skills to benefit businesses of all sizes around the world. We’ve developed a set of tools and policies that boil down the industries tried and tested methods, to help you secure your business. Can we offer you a magic fix or silver bullet? No, unfortunately it’s not that easy. Securing your business will take time and effort on your part.

What we can do is give you the benefit of our years of experience and expertise, boiled down into manageable steps. Our process involves examining your business in detail so we can identify how and by what methods attackers can target you. Then we show you what changes you can make to reduce the risk of those attacks being successful. After that we help you develop and implement policies specific to your circumstances that will allow you to stay on top as the threat landscape evolves in the future.

By taking you through the process an attacker would go through when targeting you, we reduce the ease with which attacks can be launched and allow you to prioritise your defensive effort to be the most effect. We help you put yourself in a position where even if an attack is successful and your perimeter is breached, the impact is confined and minimised allowing your business to keep on functioning.


Our Mission

To demystify the process of security for businesses helping them to be both compliant and as secure as possible from cyber attack without having to spend a fortune.

Ben Brown

Who are we

Meet our co-founder

My passion for cyber security began when I was younger and played computer games. I would always try to uncover hidden tricks & cheats or Easter Eggs as they're known. However, I didn't start my journey into the world of ethical hacking until 2010, when I discovered that pentesting existed as a job and profession.

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This discovery opened up a whole new world and direction for me. After spending time self-studying and being mentored, I was offered a placement on the graduate training scheme within a large consultancy company that my mentor worked for, and after only 6 months of on-the-job training, I started working on client projects and gradually progressed to leading teams and projects. It was then that I felt that I had found my professional calling in cyber security protection.

During my time with the consultancy, I became aware that many of the larger corporate clients saw cyber security as mostly a box-ticking exercise imposed on them by regulators. It was very common for us to be viewed as some sort of adversary who was there to make more work for the already overworked IT team. However, I noticed some of the smaller clients viewed us in a completely different light and were genuinely glad and appreciative of the advice we gave them to ensure that their networks were more secure, and their business protected as a result.

I, therefore, decided to leave the consultancy and start my own business and Ronin-Pentest was formed. It struck me that I'd enjoy my work much more if I was helping smaller companies improve their cyber security rather than just helping big corporations tick boxes.

That revelation then became my inspiration and focus for Ronin-Pentest, which is now a leading provider of cyber security solutions for small businesses in the UK. For the past three years we have been working with clients who are really engaged and for whom we can genuinely make a difference; potentially between staying cyber safe and continuing to trade or alternatively getting hacked and going out of business.

I am extremely proud of what Ronin-Pentest has achieved so far and the work we undertake with our many clients. Ronin is now an established and recognised cyber security consultancy, but with big differences from a traditional cyber security company. We are all seasoned ‘white hat’ ethical hackers with extensive experience and expertise, spanning over 20 years. We have an unwavering single aim and desire to help and protect all SMEs from breaches and cyber-attacks.

Our mission is to ensure that all businesses, regardless of their size are able to get access to robust cyber security solutions, and at an affordable, realistic price. No business should feel that cyber security protection is out of their reach.

Meet the team

The nature of what we do means that our white hat hackers keep their pictures off the internet wherever possible.

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Affordable cyber security testing for SMEs

Vulnerability Scanning

Our range of automated scans help you ascertain what problems (if any) exist in your businesses systems.

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Bespoke Audit and Consultancy

We spend time with you and your key people to examine your security policies and procedures. We then make bespoke recommendations designed to improve ‘YOUR’ specific business.

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Security Testing

We unleash our ‘white hat’ hackers on your systems simulating a real-world cyber-attack. This makes sure both your technical systems and your day-to-day practices make you not just compliant but SECURE!

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Pentest +


Self Service


Remember, you’re never too small to be hacked.


Not sure where to start?

We offer both self serve and managed plans. Pentest+ is our managed programme so you can hand over the process to us and we’ll keep you updated with scans etc. To get started either create an account and proceed to order the service you need, or give us a shout, and we’ll get you rolling.