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by Ben Brown | 05/05/2022

Ronin-Pentest – website vulnerability scanning

The importance of website vulnerability scanning in small businesses.

Cyber-attacks are a constant threat, and one of the easiest ways to avoid an attack is to make website vulnerability scanning part of your cyber strategy. Every website contains a wealth of data and information – valuable data and information that in the wrong hands would cause you significant stress and loss. The spectre of GDPR looms large.

Imagine discovering that your reputable business suddenly starts to receive calls from your valued customers stating that they had been the target of financial loss due to their information being hacked and removed from your site, which they believed was secure! If your website is attacked, you are likely to suffer significant financial loss, not to mention a loss of confidence in your business.

As a website owner, you are fully responsible for the protection of your site and your customer's information. Undertaking comprehensive website vulnerability scans are a must if you want to ensure that your website remains secure against possible attacks.

What is a website vulnerability scan?

A website vulnerability scan will check your entire site for any weakness or vulnerability that could be infiltrated by a hacker. These website vulnerabilities are generally caused by software flaws, not applying regular updates, and configuration issues – any of which can cause you big problems.

How a web scan works. Website scans check for a wide range of potential security concerns that can impact both the webserver and users of the site and are capable of detecting vulnerabilities in all levels of website size and build technicality. Scanning would check for issues relating to the site’s server software, any content management updates, certificate chain authenticity issues, any use of third-party resources and if so, how these are loaded … and the list goes on. A comprehensive website scan will check for so many potential vulnerabilities that you didn’t even know existed but could put you at considerable risk of an attack! Once the website vulnerability scan has been completed you will know where your website is at risk of being attacked and what measures you can put in place to stop it.

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We are a cyber-security consultancy with a big difference – you can afford us! We are seasoned ‘white hat’ hackers with extensive experience and expertise, working inside large security consultancies. We offer all types of online vulnerability scans designed to protect your business from potential cyber-attacks. Contact us today to make sure that your website, content, data, and consumer information is safe and secure!

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