Multi-Layered Cyber Protection

by Ben Brown | 08/12/2022

Ronin-Pentest – multi-layered cyber protection

Defence in Depth: The Need for a Multi-Layered Cyber Protection

Cyberattacks are on the rise and businesses of all sizes are at risk, it only takes a single vulnerability for criminals to gain access to your systems. That’s why it is important to have a multi-layered cyber protection approach. By not relying on a single layer of protection, you make it as difficult as possible for cybercriminals to penetrate your systems.

Why it's important to have multi-layered cyber protection in place?

By using a multi-layered cyber protection, you make it more difficult for cybercriminals to penetrate your systems. Each layer of protection acts as a barrier, and if one layer is breached, the others will still be in place to prevent access to your data. A costly example - A business recently had a breach due to the fact that their WAF (Web Application Firewall) yearly contract expired when their chief admin/IT Officer was on holiday for a week. That meant their WAF was no longer in place for the space of only 5 days. That's all the cybercriminals needed. Their website code was vulnerable, and hackers used that to their advantage. The only layer of protection this business had for preventing a successful attack all year round was their WAF. As soon as that was down the attacker was able to get in and compromise their site. Put simply, a defence in depth approach to cyber security is essential!

What is a defence in depth strategy?

Defence in depth is a cyber security strategy that relies on multiple layers of protection. By having a multi-layered cyber protection and not relying on simply one layer of protection it is possible to raise the bar and frustrate the attempts of attackers to the point they move on and look for an easier target. For most attackers, it’s a numbers game. They’re looking for quick wins so they can grab the gold and move on to the next target. There are many different ways to [implement defence in depth] (, but some common methods include WAF (Web Application Firewalls), intrusion detection and prevention systems, and encryption. By using these techniques, you make it much harder for cybercriminals to access your data.

What can you do to protect your business?

Let the experts at Ronin ensure your systems are robust.

Cyber security is not a one-time and done action or something you can set and forget. It’s an ongoing process that needs to be regularly reviewed and updated in order to keep your business safe from ever-evolving cyber threats. By taking a defence in depth approach, you can make it much harder for cybercriminals to gain access to your systems and data.

At Ronin, we have a team of cyber security experts who can help you assess your current cyber security position and make recommendations on how to improve it. We can also provide ongoing support provided by our [small business managed service plans] (, to ensure your systems are always up-to-date and protected against the latest threats. Contact us today to get your multi-layered cyber protection in place.

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