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by Ben Brown | 04/26/2022

Ronin-Pentest – IT infrastructure scan

How secure is your IT infrastructure?

Who needs an IT infrastructure scan? Not you? But have you thought about what would happen if cybercriminals attacked your business? That’s not going to happen to you, is it? Nope, hacks only happen to other businesses, right? But seriously, cyber security isn’t just a buzz term, it’s something nobody can afford to ignore.

A hacker could gain access to your systems using vulnerabilities within you IT infrastructure - if you suffered an attack, how much money, time and resources would it take you to recover? Don’t think it’s a simple case of closing the breach and letting everyone know, nope, attacks can cost an eye watering amount of money to fix.

Cyber-attacks can consist of a variety of different motives. Some hackers are out to steal your data which can include valuable information such as credit card numbers, or other personal and sensitive information. Other hackers might be out to damage, or disrupt, your business operations which can include deleting important files or taking down and disabling your entire network!

So, how can you protect your business? First things first, you need to find out what’s right and what’s wrong. That’s where Pentest scans come in. Conducting regular IT infrastructure scans is one of the fastest, cheapest ways to safeguard your company.

What is an IT Infrastructure scan?

An IT Infrastructure scan scans your company’s entire IT network, assessing your current security levels and checking for any vulnerabilities that could result in a cyber-attack. An IT infrastructure vulnerability scan can consist of an internal scan or an external scan.

An external scan … is performed from the perspective of a would-be hacker. The primary aim is to try and obtain as much information as possible about the company’s actual IT infrastructure. It also looks to gain access to your system identifying any vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which in turn would allow hackers access to sensitive company and employee information.

An internal scan … is performed from inside the company network. This scan looks in more detail at the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that have been identified in the external scan. This gives further insight into the nature of the weaknesses (and how critical they are), and should a hacker be able to breach the first line of defence, what they would then be able to perform and exploit from the company infrastructure? The scan can also check to see if malware could intentionally or unintentionally infiltrate the company’s computers and should an employee lose, or have their company laptop stolen, what information would be left open and vulnerable?

The help you need – The Ronin Way

New threats are emerging daily, and hackers have become extremely sophisticated in their methods of attack. The only true test of your defence is an attack – our team of highly trained ethical ‘white hat’ hackers will fully assess the resilience of your IT Infrastructure. By taking you through the process an attacker would go through when targeting your company, we reduce the potential weaknesses that a hacker could exploit. This makes sure both your IT network and day-to-day practices SECURE!

By running regular IT Infrastructure scans, you can be confident that your company’s network is as robust as possible. Contact us for more information.

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