Deciphering the Attack: Techniques Cybercriminals Utilise

by Ben Brown | 12/20/2023

Ronin-Pentest | Deciphering the Attack: Techniques Cybercriminals Utilise

Small Businesses and the Spectre of Cyber Attacks

Small enterprises are often targeted due to a lack of sufficient cybersecurity measures. Recognising the techniques utilised by cyber attackers is imperative to secure a business’s digital assets.

The Deceptive Art of Phishing

Cybercriminals often deploy deceptive and manipulative messages or emails, feigning legitimacy to extract sensitive and critical information.

Cracking the Code: Password Attacks

Various methods, such as brute force, are employed to crack or retrieve passwords, enabling unauthorized access to systems and data.

Malware: The Silent Perpetrator

Malicious software, or malware, infiltrates and damages systems, enabling attackers to exfiltrate valuable data without detection.


Understanding the tactics deployed by cybercriminals is crucial to bolstering a company's cyber defences, especially for small businesses that are frequently under siege due to inadequate security measures. By exploring the art of deception in phishing, the methods in password attacks, and the stealth in malware, companies can better fortify their digital fortresses against cyber invaders. Ronin Pentest is your ally in this cyber battle, providing subtle yet powerful vulnerability scanning services, a sentinel against the covert assailants of the digital world.

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