2020, the Year of the Hack

by Ben Brown | 01/02/2021

2020 is going down in history as the year of the hack!

Attacks have increased in scope and complexity on an unprecedented scale. 

➕Malicious Domains up 22%

➕Malware/Ransomware up 36%

➕Phishing Scams/Fraud up 59%

The sad fact is that the threats of 2020 are not going away in 2021. There is simply too much money to be made by attacking businesses, their websites, infrastructure and staff.  

Attacks will continue to grow in number and attackers will continue to get more sophisticated.

So what can businesses do to defend themselves from unscrupulous users of the internet. 

It’s not a simple problem to fix. New attack vectors are revealed regularly. New exploits are discovered by researchers and disclosed to the public every day. That means business owners and IT teams can put fixes in place but it also means attackers can take advantage of them for their own purposes.

If you don’t keep up with the constant developments in cyber security then your business will be left vulnerable and it is only a matter of time before you get targeted. If you haven’t been already. 

So what are your options? 

❌Do nothing and hope attackers never notice you?

This isn’t an option, the accepted wisdom in the cyber security industry is that for any business it isn’t a question of IF but WHEN they will be targeted by an attack.

❌Try to keep on top of all the developments in the cyber security space and take all the actions necessary to defend yourself and your business?

You can try this but the reality is that it will take you a huge amount of time and take you and your IT staff away from your proper functions, which is running your business. 

✅Get professional assistance to supercharge your security and make life really difficult for attackers!!

We have a combined experience of over 20 years in the cyber security industry, the majority of which was spent as part of the worlds largest Pentesting team. 

We've spent those years learning and refining the skills of our trade and have applied them helping secure some of the UK’s largest financial and industrial institutions. 

Now we use our skills to benefit businesses of all sizes around the world. We’ve developed a set of tools and policies that boil down the industries tried and tested methods, to help you secure your business. 

Can we offer you a magic fix or silver bullet? No, unfortunately it’s not that easy. Securing your business will take time and effort on your part. 

What we can do is give you the benefit of our years of experience, boiled down into manageable steps.  

Our process involves examining your business in detail so we can identify how and by what methods attacks can target you. Then we show you what changes you can make to reduce the risk of those attacks being successful. After that we help you develop and implement policies specific to your circumstances that will allow you to stay on top as the threat landscape evolves in the future.  

By taking you through the process an attacker would go through when targeting you, we reduce the ease with which attacks can be launched and and allow you to prioritise your defensive effort for the most effect. We help you put yourself in a position where even if an attack is successful and your perimeter is breached, the impact is confined and minimised allowing your business to keep on functioning.

Business continuity is critical.   

We verify the results of your policies on an ongoing basis and help to update them when needed, putting you in a position to keep up with the ARMS RACE of cyber attack and defence.

You'll have the confidence and independence necessary to take action and grow your business. Secure in the knowledge you’ve done everything possible to reduce your attack surface.  

Following our steps will not only help you and your staff know you’re more secure. It will contribute to complying with regulatory requirements and client expectations. Helping you acquire and keep larger clients by demonstrating you to have effective security processes and testing in place. 

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